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Genius Loci,,Vrachonas,

In this "infinite space", the traces of the path of the birds are projected on the ground, from which emerge the natural rocks that delimit and characterize the paths and functions. These boundaries, free as the elements of nature, merge with the stratigraphy of the ground and spread the visual fields to every point of the horizon so that the gaze is unobstructed both in movement and in rest.


The visitor who enters the space follows these engravings, projects his mind between the earth and the sky, and experiences direct contact with the elements of nature: he interacts with horses, birds, imitates and experiences them, he becomes a bird himself, he becomes nature itself... the earth, the stone, the wood, the straw mingle with the movement and the smells brought by the wind among the sounds of the rustling of the few trees, wherein the vision of the horizon the boundaries of land, sea, and sky are suspended...



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