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Office Renovation Office Design Mediterranean Design
Office Renovation Office Design Mediterranean Design

Office Design

The aim of the design was to create a functional office that influences well-being, motivation, and productivity and encourages an entrepreneurial spirit. The design features a smooth transition from open offices to more private and enclosed work areas, with zones that are task-specific and encourage people to move around, take breaks, have conversations, hold stand-up meetings, etc. In addition, the goal was to create an environment where people feel comfortable by achieving a sustainable, esthetically pleasing design with good environmental quality through easy access to windows and natural ventilation, which promotes health and well-being.

The interior space is laid out in a cross shape, with the secondary axis being the entrance area and the main axis being the distribution area. In the entrance area, on the right side, there is a break area with a kitchen where people can eat, talk and meet. This area is ideal for resting and building familiar relationships and reinforcing the collegial and collaborative approach. To the left is the workspace with an in-between zone characterized by movement and flexibility that allows employees to seamlessly communicate, interact and collaborate (grab a drink, work on a laptop, take notes and have relaxed conversations with others, etc.). Then there are open office spaces where cells are torn down and everyone works individually, but which also provide opportunities for collaboration, interaction and team building. And finally, we have private areas that offer total privacy (for phone calls or focused work, etc.).

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