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Poiema Hotel Resort

The project concerns the design of a luxury hotel in Sivota, a cosmopolitan Greek seaside resort on the Mediterranean Sea. The main objective of the project is to create a hybrid relationship between the anthropocentric and the natural element, capable of achieving their coexistence and ensuring the harmonious interaction of the buildings with the landscape. The structure is disintegrated into the fragments of the hill, from which the various structural elements are formed, following the course of the land towards the sea, while the underground segments are covered by the ground.






INSPIRATION: The property is located in an idyllic green setting on the Ionian coast, surrounded by the most important local beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters. The location is ideal to host a Hotel Resort: a buildable plot in the Mediterranean landscape, where the sunlight interacts so beautifully with the Ionian sea, creating a unique canvas with the sky.


UNIQUE PROPERTIES / PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The main objective was to try to create a hybrid relationship between anthropogenic and natural elements, able to create a coexistence between them. The structure is broken down into fragments of the hill, which give rise to the different building blocks that follow the course of the soil towards the sea, while the underground parts are covered with soil. The structured and unstructured space interact with each other, creating multiple visual stimuli while ensuring an uninterrupted view of the Ionian Sea.


OPERATION / FLOW / INTERACTION: The proposal concerns the design of a Luxury Hotel Resort in Sivota, Greece, a cosmopolitan seaside resort on the Mediterranean Sea. The region has experienced remarkable tourist development in recent years. The proposal intends to offer tourists a variety of complementary and optimal services. The architectural approach envisages the osmosis of architecture and landscape - natural flora offering vivid walking experiences among the olive trees overlooking the endless blue of the sky, the sea, and the Ionian Islands.


PROJECT DURATION AND LOCATION: The project started in April 2018 in Sivota and ended in August 2018 in Sivota.


FITS BEST INTO CATEGORY: Architecture, building and structural design


PRODUCTION / REALIZATION TECHNIQUE: Combination of modern and traditional elements through careful adaptation to the natural environment, using materials such as concrete, glass, and local stone. The plot is located outside the settlement of Sivota, it has been checked for the requirements of buildability, made on the basis of the planning and building legislation that regulates the planning framework related to tourist facilities in Greece.


SPECIFICATIONS / TECHNICAL PROPERTIES: Plot size: 50,000 sqm, Built-up area: 10,000 sqm, Functions: Parking, Reception, Infirmary, Restaurants, and bars with large outdoor areas and unobstructed sea views, Meeting rooms, Wellness and spa areas with swimming pool, gym, etc., Playgrounds, Tennis courts, Helicopter reception, Standard rooms, Standard rooms with sofa, Junior suites, Luxury suites, Duplex suites, Villas: indicative total number of accommodations approx. 200. TAGS: Architecture, design, development, proposal, hotel, resort, Greece, Mediterranean Sea


RESEARCH ABSTRACT: Opportunities: The location is ideal to host a high-class tourist investment, given the rarity and lack of an equivalent area with the potential to support such an investment in the region, the combination of size, location, and other qualitative characteristics (Mediterranean landscape, intense presence of local vegetation, etc.), while being able to build, make the property unique. In recent years, the hotel sector of the region shows considerable dynamism in strengthening national and international demand. The supply of transport infrastructure in and out of the area is absolutely satisfactory. CHALLENGE: The proposal also foresees the presence of private pools in the hospitality units, but their number remains indicative, as this and the general requirements will arise as determined. However, the overall flexibility framework of a controlled architectural design is provided, based on the various needs and requirements that will arise, while maintaining the overall character. The buildings are positioned in such a way that they are not visually intrusive and do not block the lines of sight to the sea from any of the spaces in the complex. The architectural alignments ensure uninterrupted views in all advantageous directions.

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